New guitar museum and salon opens in Paso Robles

Gary Kramer Guitar Cellars caters to wine-loving boomers and millennials

—Last week a new celebrity museum and fine wine establishment opened in Paso Robles with the launch of the Gary Kramer Guitar Cellars, a welcome addition to the local viniculture scene with wine tasting, olive oil tasting and what may be the most unique musical museum anywhere in the county. Moreover, the Kramers have assembled their new digs with precision and taste, all burnished wood surfaces and attention to detail. It’s what you would expect from a famous guitar maker—this is a beautiful place to relax, unwind and sample fine wines, cheeses, olive oils and other victuals. One could think of this as a “salon” in the original French sense of the word, where thoughtful conversations among people in the know take place over a glass of wine.